Combo NEON 550 (4P/2400KV/3mm shaft/R10SC WP 100A ESC)

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The Vortex Neon 550 is a brushless motor in the line of the very successful Neon 4-pole sensorless motors! Using the experience from the 540 sized motors, we developed the new 550 version with the needs of off-road racers in mind. Robustness was achieved building the motor around a massive aluminum case using quality screws.

The 550 size motor is best suited for 1/10 off-road applications and is available in a 2400KV and 3800KV version with 3mm or 5mm axle. In the combo we combine this motor with the brand new and waterproof Vortex R10 SC WP ESC which gives you outstanding performance and control.

Do you need more power for your off-road car at an affordable price? Go for the Neon550!
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Team Orion

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