1:10 EP Truck Blackout XTE PRO4WD Brushless RTR (Accus & Chargeur non-inclus)

1/10, RTR, Red Cat Racing, 2,4 GHz, 4WD, Monster Truck
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You flip the switch and drop the fully charged Blackout XTE Pro to the ground. Clutching the pistol grip in your left hand, you squeeze the foam steering wheel with the finger tips of your right hand. Your eyes squint as you focus on the path ahead. Squeezing the trigger, you hold your breath as dirt replaces the air around you. All of life’s worries fade away as you focus on the path directly before you. Your peripheral vision blurs as the only thing that seems to matter, in that moment, is the precision of your steering and the finesse of the trigger.
Oil filled coil over shocks and four wheel independent suspension allow the Blackout XTE Pro to keep its composure over rough terrain, as you’re blasting around the yard, vacant lot, or race track.
As the battery nears the end of its charge, you pull the Blackout XTE Pro to your feet. Your finger tips slowly loosen their grip, your chest relaxes, and you hear the sound of air releasing from your lungs. It’s as if all of reality begins to surround you once more. In that moment, you know, that you have just experienced the Blackout. Get your Redcat Racing Blackout XTE Pro today!
If you're hard on your RC vehicles RC vehicles, you'll love the Blackout XTE Pro 4WD monster truck, with new "bashable" chassis. This chassis utilizes many swappable components such as; suspension arms, steering hubs, hub carriers, turn buckles, gear boxes, differentials, and body posts. That means each of the four suspension arms on the Blackout XTE Pro can be used at any corner of the chassis. That's right, one lower suspension arm will work on the front/left, front/right/ rear/left, or rear/right of the vehicle. The same is true for the upper suspension arms and steering hubs. The hub carriers are interchangeable front to rear, as are the bumpers, diffs, gear boxes, body mounts, and turn buckles.
The Blackout XTE Pro doesn't stop at saving you money with its interchangeable parts. The Blackout XTE Pro is a great performer, as well as an incredibly durable monster truck. If you like pushing RC vehicles beyond their breaking point, you’re gonna love the Blackout XTE Pro. Less parts to stock equals more savings. You’ll even gain additional space in your toolbox.
Equipped with a powerful 3800KV RC540 brushless electric motor, waterproof 45A brushless ESC and 2.4GHz radio system, the Blackout XTE Pro is ready to rip, just don't blackout from excitement. Get your Redcat Racing Blackout XTE Pro today!
4WD Monster Truck, Revolutionary "bashable" chassis design with swappable interchangeable components
Ball bearings throughout
Tunable suspension
Adjustable ride height
Tunable shocks
Tunable gear differentials
Adjustable camber
Adjustable toe angle
Designed with the basher in mind. Less parts = more savings
Many of the components are interchangeable front to rear and/or side to side
3800KV brushless motor
Waterproof 45A brushless ESC
Waterproof high torque steering servo
2.4GHz radio system
Assembled & Ready to Run
NOTE: Car comes with T-Plug (Deans) Battery Connector
Code EAN:
Red Cat Racing
  • 2,4 GHz
Référence Fournisseur:
  • Monster Truck

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