ZERO-Steadi470 Quad

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As all we know, video jitter is the biggest difficulty even adversary to aerial photography, ZERO-Steadi470 (Quad) is an excellent weapon which is customize aerial photography system to specially overcome difficulty of video jitter but with a high price/capability ratio. Owing to YS-X6 strong functions expansion, the second IMU is expanded based on YS-X6, which abandoned complex adjustment and drift of regular gyro, improved and optimized the adjustment procures. A right proper effect can be achieved by simple adjustment in short minutes, to get the best video stabilization effect via ZERO-Steadi470. ZERO-Steadi470 Profile Jumping Screen easily make viewers feel bored and upset, but the application of Steadicam Structure Gymbal decreased the jitter extent greatly. ZERO-Steadi470 continued this characteristic and create great possibility to make the most stable aerial photography videos. Handheld Ground Station ZERO-Steadi470 comes with the first created Android system as UAV ground station, you can complete all operation & flight only with a walking phone or tablet but not limited to the fixed position of a computer to control the flight, it brings us a great convenience and flexibility. Easy to control ZERO-Steadi470 is equipped with strong autonomous functionality, you can simply control the flight on phone or tablet from takeoff to back landing. A beginner can promptly complete flight of one-button autonomous takeoff and landing, click and fly to point, target lock, follow me etc. with short training or learning. To achieve a highly stable video and bring a brand-new experience with surprise to customers, ZERO-Steadi470 is specially designed by ZERO UAV with constant innovation and effort in UAV industry, it takes the stabilization of Steadicam structure into practice in the sky, realizes more photography enthusiasts dream, ZERO-Steadi470 will be more and more popular with its extremely good price/capability ratio and highly satisfied stabilization. What are in package: 1 Airframe×1 2 Camera Gimbal×1 3 Motor×4 4 ESC×4 5 Propeller×4 6 Servo×2 7 Flight controller×1(YS-X6 Basic 4 waypoints version + Steadi470 IMU) RC transmitter & RC receiver & battery are not included. Currently the Zero-Steadi470 only supports the Futaba S-BUS system for radio control. This means in order to pilot by radio control you must have a Futaba S-BUS compatible receiver. Characteristics »Controlled by YS-X6, simple configuration and calibration; »Pitch and Roll 2-axis angle can be adjusted by transmitter; »Easily controlled by personal handheld Phone/Tablet as ground station; »Intelligent course lock(Carefree ) function; »Intelligent interest point lock, target lock and follow me; »Special damper, maximize decrease or remove "Rolling Shutter"; »Rapid and effective modification algorithm, strong video stabilization »Stable aerial photography system with the highest P/C ratio. Technical Specifications Max launching weight 2.8kg Max payload weight 300-400g(SONY 5N, GH2) Flight Endurance 18 min.Empty load , 10~12 min full load. Operational speed Max 10.2m/s(adjustable) Wind Assistant capability 7-8m/s(force 4 wind) Flight altitude Max 1000m
Zero UAV

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